Our lead asset

Our lead asset

Linaprazan glurate (formerly X842)

  • A prodrug of the Potassium Competitive Acid Blocker (P-CAB) linaprazan
  • Linaprazan has been evaluated in 23 phase I and two phase II studies in a total of approximately 2,500 patients
  • The beneficial safety and pharmacokinetic properties of linaprazan glurate have been documented in a phase I study
  • Linaprazan glurate provides superior gastric acid control compared to current medication

Clinical development path

  • Phase I study completed with positive results, predicting high healing rates of esophagitis
  • Phase II study to be initiated in H1 2021
  • Phase II studies initiated in China through Jiangsu Sinorda Biomedicine Ltd
  • Phase III program to be initiated in 2022

Target segment
at launch

  • Patients with severe esophagitis (grade C and D)
  • Patients with partial response to PPIs
  • Based on epidemiological data, the estimated size of this target population is 18.5 million
  • Blockbuster potential (estimated sales exceeding USD 1 bn)

Commercialization path

  • Intention to enter worldwide commercial partnership beyond China and South East Asia
  • Chinese partnership already in place 
  • Attractive opportunities to extend use beyond severe esophagitis: On-demand treatment of GERD, H. pylori eradication, nocturnal GERD symptoms and bleeding ulcers 
  • Patent protection until 2029 plus potential extension of approximately five years