Nomination committee

Companies applying the Code shall have a nomination committee. According to the Code, the shareholders’ meeting shall appoint the members of the nomination committee or resolve on procedures for appointing the members. The nomination committee shall, pursuant to the Code, consist of at least three members of which a majority shall be independent in relation to the Company and the Group Management. In addition, at least one member of the nomination committee shall be independent in relation to the largest shareholder in terms of voting rights or group of shareholders who cooperates in terms of the Company’s management.

Ahead of the 2025 Annual General Meeting, the nomination committee will consist of representatives of the three largest shareholders in terms of votes as of 30 September 2024, together with the chairman of the board of directors. The composition of the nomination committee for the 2025 Annual General Meeting will be announced no later than six months before the general meeting.

Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Annual General Meeting are welcome to do so. Proposals must be submitted no later than seven weeks before the Annual General Meeting.