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Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance

Cinclus Pharma Holding AB (publ) (the "Company") is a Swedish public limited liability company.

The Company applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). Any deviation from the Code will yearly be reported in the Company’s corporate governance report, which will be prepared for the first time for the 2024 financial year. However, in the first corporate governance report, the Company is not required to explain non-compliance with such rules that have not been relevant during the period covered by the corporate governance report. Currently, the Company does not expect to report any deviations from the Code in the corporate governance report.

When the Company has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, the Company will also apply the rules in Nasdaq Stockholm's Regulations for equity issuers on the main market as well as Rules about remuneration to leading executives and about incentive programs (the "Remuneration Regulations"). The Remuneration Regulations apply to all Swedish companies whose shares are listed on a regulated market in Sweden and shall be applied in full from the time of listing.