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Company strategy

Improving the quality of life for people suffering from GERD

Today, PPI-based traditional GERD drugs do not offer efficient treatment for all patients. By developing linaprazan glurate into an advanced and effective medication Cinclus Pharma can make a difference in the everyday life of many individuals who are burdened by GERD. Every successful treatment of GERD also creates an indirect positive effect on the lives of the patients’ family, friends, and colleagues.


An improved quality of life for people worldwide living with gastric acid related diseases.

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To introduce game changing products impacting standard of care for patients with gastric acid related diseases, underpinned by the superior P-CAB linaprazan glurate.


Currently, Cinclus Pharma is in an intensive development phase, ramping up the organization and company structure to prepare for growth and the further development of linaprazan glurate.

Cinclus Pharma owns the worldwide commercial rights for linaprazan glurate. Secured commercial rights are central in utilizing the process of launching the product in markets worldwide.

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For the initial launch, focus will be on commercialization in the US and Europe, either through partnership, an own sales organization or a combination of both. To identify possible synergies or advantages, other major pharmaceutical markets will also be evaluated.

In the long term, Cinclus Pharma aims to build a specialty pharma company in gastroenterology.