Life Science Sweden interviews Kjell Andersson, CSO

cinclus pharma life science sweden interviews Kjell Andersson, CSO

During Life Science Sweden's conference "Pharma Outsourcing", Kjell Andersson, CSO at Cinclus Pharma, was interviewed about our drug candidate linaprazan glurate, which is an acid secretion inhibitor, a so-called P-CAB. He explains how it differs from today's traditional drugs for reflux esophagitis. In the 1990s, Kjell was part of the research team at AstraZeneca that was behind some of the most prominent Swedish medical successes, Losec and Nexium. AstraZeneca also tested and developed linaprazan, the active substance in linaprazan glurate.

Kjell Andersson interviewed by Life Science Sweden

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Interview and article in Swedish.

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